Record the the adventures of your child’s life with this growth chart. This piece is a visual baby-book which parents can fill in with a sharpie as the child grows. Makes an excellent baby or shower gift

Rural Creative focuses on creating products that are beautifully designed, well crafted, original and handmade. Our wood signs are naturally stained and made from reclaimed pallet wood which is locally sourced. Variations will exist between what is pictured and the final product. We pride ourselves on creating products which boast hand-drawn and hand-painted typography – no stencils are used.

Each sign is easy to hang with two sawtooth hangers on the back.

Dimensions: approximately 9″ wide x 4′ high. Please check that the measurements provided will fit in your desired space prior to purchasing.

The chart is made to start 2 ft. above the floor (leaving room for baseboards and vents). The measurements on the chart go from 2 ft up to 5 ft.

Please fill into the comments section:
1. The child’s full name (first name, middle name (s), last name
2. Date (Day, Month, Year – spelled out) and time born (indicate AM or PM).
3. Weight and length

The sections that are on it for the parents to fill out AFTER receiving are:
1. Milestones: (where they were born, when they were taken home) when they sit, crawl, step and walk.
2. Highlights: This is from age 1-5, space for the parent to fill in exciting things they did!
3. Adventures: where was their first trip and places they have visited
4. Entertainment: what their favorite books, tv and movies are.
5. Phrases: Funny things that kids say
6. Handprints: a blank space to outline their hands

NOTE: Any piece can be fully customized to fit the vision for your space! This item is one our most customized pieces, we have created a variety of growth charts and each one is completely unique.